Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty

Hi everyone!

So, down in here in New Zealand we are enjoying a particularly interesting winter at the moment! From our almost early spring back in July, to the sub-zero temperatures at the moment, this winter is most certainly proving to be a unique one!

recently, to celebrate one of my friends birthdays we organised to have a picnic in the botanical gardens! It was surprisingly warm for a July day, and the gardens were absolutely bursting with photographic opportunities! 🙂

During the July holidays I went back twice, just because of how beautiful it was – I thought it was at it’s prime during the spring!

This just reminds me (a spring enthusiast) to enjoy each part of the year – even when it seems to cold to venture outside! 🙂

What type of moments do you enjoy about winter? I’d love to read your comments! 🙂


The iconic Christchurch Avon


View from picnic blanket



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