Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Here?

Hey guys!! 🙂

Sorry I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I usually do (which is borderline compulsive) but I didn’t realise just how busy school was going to get! 😀

So, I just briefly just wanted to do this blog – because I haven’t really properly told you about me yet.

As you know Im not really an anonymous blogger – well that wouldn’t work since I’m on YouTube anyway haha!! 😀 (and btw that photo is of me when I was fourteen – my hair is way shorter now!!)

I decided to start blogging because for a while I’ve been told im really good at writing, and I’ve been told by family members and teachers that I’d be good at journalism – and then I thought, hey why not blog?

Like a lot of you I read Zoella’s book Girl Online, and while this was an inspiration, more than anything it was sort of that last piece of the puzzle for me. It was what set me into motion for introducing myself to the world of social media. Turns out I love it! I don’t know if I’m any good at it, but I really love blogging and then reading your replies 🙂 It’s such an amazing feeling! 🙂 (as you all know)

So yeah that’s why I’m here. I really want to share my life lessons with you, and hopefully make your day that little bit better 🙂 Positive vibes guys 😉

I write because like everyone else I have had some pretty poo stuff happen in my life and I really want to be there for you guys like I wish people had been for me all those years ago. This year when I was personally going through a bullying situation I had a really amazing group of friends so it was a bit different. But alongside this watching YouTube really helped to bring me back to earth. All the positivity and humour brought my mood up, and made me get up and smile every morning. Suffice to say its better now – it hasn’t really been resolved but I don’t really expect it to in that respect. However, I have moved on, and have such a great group of people I see everyday 🙂 I really wish we didn’t have to go through the poo we do but unfortunately its a part of life. But, its a part of life made easier by the presence of someone else. So, I kind of want to help you through these times – big or small, I hope that maybe you can come to me in time of need 🙂

Wow, I didn’t expect to write that much haha! I hope it was worth it 🙂

Remember, you can always email me luimaria09@gmail.com and I will reply ASAP. Also you can leave comments because I always reply 🙂

Love you all, and I hope you have great days 🙂

Right, back to German homework 😉

Lui xx



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  1. November 18, 2016 / 10:42 am

    It was great getting to know you! Yes, it’s annoying to get through the tough stuff in life but that’s just part of life.

  2. November 18, 2016 / 11:11 am

    yes exactly!! thank you!! 🙂 xx

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