How Social Media Inspires Me

How Social Media Inspires Me

Hello everyone! 🙂

As you can tell from the title today I am addressing the ever prevalent issue of social media. Almost everyday we use social media, and often we are asking questions around aspects such as privacy, identity, and our cyber foot-prints. But not very often do we address how social media might be providing a positive change.

First off, I am one of those people who didn’t get Facebook until I was 16, or Instagram until I was almost 16, and on those I am very select about what I post. But I am also a blogger, so I’ve seen another side of social media, and how it can really broaden horizons of people who get involved. I’m the first to admit that over the years I’ve had a few questionable messages, comments, or emails, that I promptly deleted or laughed at (I had one from Instagram saying that my lack of followers was atrocious? Guess how quick that became the topic of choice when I saw my friends later that day! 😉 ). I will admit that social media actually perplexes me sometimes, and that I see a heck load of content that really should not be put out into the world, whether that be because it is offensive or if it is just not making the most of someone. Negativity, it seems, is a lot easier than positivity.

But, of course there’s a flipside. I’ve been blogging for close to two years now, and I’ve seen many an example of pure amazingness and kindness within the creative outlet that this platform provides. Sometimes even just the content of the comments has made me smile, or just feel a little more inspired. I’ve seen quite a few people extend or create their jobs through social media – I’m not just talking about blogging! Instagram has provided a platform in which people can promote their business in such a creative way. I must admit, I really like it.

One person whom I have been in contact with is Elle from her blog La Beaute. I read her blog back in December, and was so inspired by her story – but more than this, the way she is using it to help other people, and empower them. I would really recommend reading her post on her story, but also her ethos on empowering women. It is honestly very inspiring to see other women inspiring other women, not bringing down others in order to life themselves up. Often it can be all too easy to either a) bring another woman down, or b) bring a man down. Neither of these are acceptable. So this is why I love her message about empowering women through her blog.

Another I must mention is a bit different. As I mentioned, Instagram now provides an accessible platform to promote and create a business, in a way that just wasn’t there before. Kat from her Instagram Kat With Class, who has ventured into the business world via Instagram. Part of her job is that she has to approach people to test products, which honestly must be scary as heck because how do you tell who is a real account or not? I really am inspired by her entrepreneurial approach to creating a job that wasn’t there before, and now being so successful at it. Part of this is encouraging other people to give it a go too – it is certainly not a pull-the-ladder-up-behind-you situation! I really appreciate how honest and real she is – the way she has made this all work truly blows me away! 😉

Finally, I must mention a dear friend of mine: the amazing, talented, and ever-inspiring Rosinalee. Rosie and I became friends through blogging around the end of 2016, and as of January 1st this year we actually met up – not something I had ever thought I’d do! In fact her mother, herself, and I admitted we’d all been worried we might turn up and some creepy 40-year-old guy would just be sitting there like “yo, I’m Lui Maria”. But, luckily, no! 😉 It amazes me daily how similar and how good friends we are despite living on other sides of the world, and having met on our respective blogs – purely by chance! I don’t really know how likely either of us are to meet up with another person from the online world, but I am so glad everyday that we did. She is truly an inspiring person, and I am sure you have all realised if you have read her blog – if you haven’t, do! If the aesthetics don’t get you, the content will! 😉  Read more about her here.

I really hope you enjoyed todays post, and maybe got thinking a bit about what inspires you in social media? Of course, remember the important things like privacy, what’s appropriate and what’s not, and keeping your identity; I think Zoella put it really well in a recent Q&A, that texting your friend on messenger is not the same as actually having a conversation, and seeing what they have done on Instagram is not actually the same as asking them how it was. But in saying that, the flipside is look how amazingly well she has done through creating her job through her multiple social media platforms.

I would love to hear your thoughts, as ever! What do you think about social media? Who or what inspires you?

Until next time,

Lui xx



  1. March 24, 2018 / 7:23 pm

    Social media definitely is an inspiring place! I also love some of the blogs you’ve mentioned x

  2. luimaria
    March 27, 2018 / 4:31 am

    thank you so much!! 🙂

  3. luimaria
    March 27, 2018 / 4:32 am

    I absolutely agree! And yes they’re pretty great 😀 xx

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