How Christchurch Reacts to Rain

How Christchurch Reacts to Rain

Hello all, and welcome back to Lui Maria! 🙂

My question today as I was stubbornly marching through puddles at school (sounds much more impressive than it was!) was whether it is just Christchurch alone where people react to rain as though they might melt or something? From my observations, people will take all measures possible to prevent themselves from having to make contact with the dreaded rain, and I am constantly bemused by how they people will actually take longer routes around just to do so!

Not making a judgement (obviously), because I think the only reason I would choose to actually walk in the rain is really just to make a point! 😉 And truth be told I am often a little worried about whether my mascara will stay in tact – I’ve had that happen before, but luckily someone put it down to sleep deprivation *rolls eyes*!

When I’m overseas (I make it sound like that’s a common occurrence) I make a real point of trying to be a really tough Kiwi lass – but is that true at home? 😉 We have this real we can do anything, do-it-yourself attitude, so you’d reckon we wouldn’t be afraid of a little rain, right? Perhaps we’re all just made of sugar, and I’m just waiting to melt.

Anyway, this was just a little anecdotal segway back into blogging and to say “don’t worry I haven’t left!”. I hope you are all going well, and maybe had a wee laugh at the idea of me obstinately marching through puddles just to prove I am a tough Kiwi. I hope you’re weather is a little nicer than mine (although truth be told I rather like this cosy, rainy weather!).

Until next time, and wet wellies!

Lui xx



  1. May 17, 2018 / 12:57 am

    Truth is I don’t like the rain that much lol. It automatically puts me in a bad mood. Nice observation post!

  2. luimaria
    May 17, 2018 / 8:11 am

    haha fair enough! I know what you mean, but I prefer it to an overcast day! And thanks! 🙂

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