The Power Game & Victim Shaming

The Power Game & Victim Shaming

Hey all,

This is a bit of a random post, and isn’t something I usually talk about, but as ever you know that this place is where I come to share my thoughts and experiences so… 😀

In my level three Media article writing assessment this year I wrote about the role of feminism and how it plays out in our modern society. I talked about the #metoo movement, and the way the media have actually used movements like this against women. As far as we can get to be acknowledged with respect and dignity, there are always aspects of the media industry that can break down all the hard work we manage.

I came upon recently the videos exposing the debacle surrounding the Ingham Family, whom I have never watched personally, but I was interested in the case because ultimately it just shows again that despite a multitude of evidence and hard-work, and maturity from one of the msot out-spoken victims, Jess, she is still constantly being harassed, and it is taking a whole surge of YouTubers making support videos before people even know; yet still nothing is being done. I know at the moment it is still all hearsay, and that there is no conclusion, however from watching the two sides of the case, support is certainly in Jess’ favour, even though she is at a huge disadvantage.

YouTube is far from perfect, we all know that, but a lot of us look up to people we watch on YouTube, and our generation are particularly influenced and exposed to what happens on there in shaping our lives. When, as a young person, we see someone being shut down, or we see someone going through hell simply for speaking out, it doesn’t invoke much hope for us. Why should anyone bother if we are given plain evidence that it won’t be easy or straight-forward. It disturbs me, and upsets me, that this is what we see. I think that Jess is incredibly strong and brave, not to mention very mature, for having spoken up in such a calm, straight-forward, clear, and mature manner.

We as a society must change our attitude. We must stop victim shaming. Abuse and power-play doesn’t just happen to teenage girls; it happens to young men, it happens to adults. Every single one of us is likely to experience it in some way, sometime in our life. It saddens me that our go-to approach is to trash people we don’t know, people we disagree with, rather than support those who we do believe. We need to stop making it so easy for people to get away with power-abuse and abusing positions of authority, because we’re shown all too often how easy it is for them to get away with their actions.

If you are interested in this case at all, or would like some videos to watch on this particular topic, I would really recommend watching the videos by Those Rosie Days, who approaches it from a Media/Journalism perspective, and also watching Jess’ videos herself.

As ever I am interested to hear your thoughts, however please do not comment anything hateful as I do filter my comments and will not authorise any hateful content. However, please feel free to discuss this in the comment section – that’s what its for!

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  1. September 19, 2018 / 12:05 pm

    I haven’t heard about this case and have no idea what you’re talking about 😂 but I will check it out because it sounds interesting. I agree with the feminism thing and how people take sides and hurt people they don’t know. It’s annoying and sad.

    TheFashionnBlogger |

  2. luimaria
    September 20, 2018 / 7:04 am

    It is really interesting, although it is easy to fall down a rabbit hole of peopel just saying the same things over and over or speculation haha! It really is annoying and sad, and is unfortunately reflective of the current position of some media at the moment – but I guess us lot of bloggers are helping to keep up the healthy and valuable parts of this industry! 😀 Thanks for commenting!! xx

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