My October Update

My October Update

Hey all!

I can’t believe how quick October seemed to go – albeit a busy and packed month! I managed to get a lot done, and had a few milestone moments, with a lot of laughs and great moments with friends. Overall, an emotional thrill ride, but a great time all the same (haha!).

I started on my last ever school holidays, which is spent working on my farm, reading (Harry Potter, duh!), and enjoying my last proper holidays haha! Now that I have my full licence I can take passengers around, so my friends and I utilised going to the beaches around Christchurch, which was so fun!

Traditionally for our last term (which is three weeks, followed by study-leave) we year 13s get to wear mufti, and as ever we decided to have a themed week for the first week back. This was lots of fun, and I would 100% recommend doing it if you’re in your last year of school! The best one was swapping uniforms with various other Christchurch schools – I used a friends uniform from my local school, which a lot of people didn’t know and thus thought I had made it up haha!

I got my seconds done for my earrings, which I had been planning to do for quite a while, and honestly I am so happy with them! The first didn’t even hurt, which was a shock for me! Now, I can’t wait to get my thirds done lol!

Lime scooters came to Christchurch, and oh my gosh they have become the latest craze, and with easy access to them students are all over them. Personally, I gave one a go and man it was scary albeit quite fun! The new fun thing to do is to go searching for one – last night my friends and I wandered around City Centre searching for them, though surprisingly they were all taken, given it was like 9/10 pm! We ended getting let into a uni ball so I could use the loo, and it was probably one of the funniest things of my life, just chatting away with these students who were just welcoming us in! They looked like they were having a great time, and I got chatting to a girl from the Performing Arts school!

I mentioned in my last post that I had done an interview for a tertiary school, and I am still waiting to hear back! I am checking my email all the time until I hear back haha! Hopefully I know by the next post – that is a crazy thought!!!

On Wednesday I had my last proper day of school, on which we had our final school mass (it’s a Catholic thing). When we walked out I looked at my best friend and we both just started balling, so there are some pretty unflattering photos of me now haha! It was a crazy experience, and I’m goign to miss a lot of the girls I’ve been at school with like crazy, but overall I am very ready to get on to the next chapter of life, whatever that may be! 😀

How was your October? What did you get up to? Are you going in to Winter or Summer? Are you already prepping for Christmas?? 😀

Until next time,

Lui xx

P.s. anyone else doing blogmas??


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