Christmas Away From Home? My Experience|Day 2

Christmas Away From Home? My Experience|Day 2

Hey all!!

Today I wanted to talk about what it’s like to experience Christmas away from home, because it’s likely that you might want to, or have to, at some point. As we get older we have new commitments, and new things we want to do, and eventually spending Christmas away from your usual home might be something you get to experience!

I was sixteen when I went on exchange to Germany, and honestly felt very young to be away from home for that long, that far away! However, I would actually recommend travelling overseas during the lead up to Christmas as it is probably when places that celebrate Christmas really have the most energy! Germany is renowned for doing a magnificent lead up to Christmas, and they do not disappoint! I’m actually homesick for it now haha!

Seeing how each culture or town chooses to get excited, beyond the consumerist or marketing ways, and into the cultural traditions. Christmas markets, lights, decorations, massive Christmas trees in the town squares, and honestly just the atmosphere, was beyond my dreams in Germany! I loved it so much, and am so grateful I got to experience it!

Have you ever travelled at Christmas? Have you got plans to? Where’s your ultiamte Christmas location? I’d love to know!

Until tomorrow,

Lui xx


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