Dealing with Anxiety at Christmas|Day 6

Dealing with Anxiety at Christmas|Day 6

Hey all,

I did this post two years ago (which you can read here) and I actually have revisited it from time to time just to see what I was saying then, and what my advice would be now. Anxiety is incredibly common, especially when things start to become overloaded in the Christmas season (which is a shame, becasue it’s such a cool season, but nonetheless), and it’s helpful to have a go to list of things to do to manage it.

  • On Christmas day I try to find somethign to do, so that I’m not standing there awkwardly, because that is a huge trigger for me. Try offering a hand making food, setting something up, putting chairs out, or just doing a job like that to give you some control, and something to do.
  • Make a list in advance. You know those times when you’re awake at night trying to remember all the last minute things you have to get done in a scarily short space of time? Actually get up and make a list, and then try sleeping. Making a list means you can see how much you have to do, and gives you a clear view of how to manage it. What can I do now? What can I leave until next week? What can someone else help with? And what can be done together? It’s what I’d suggest all year round, to be honest.
  • Have someone to chat to, or text, so that if you are feeling a bit out of sorts someone knows, which can help so much! Just having someone know can make you feel so much relief.

As ever, know that you aren’t alone, and that the feeling will pass. I really hope you all get the opportunity to have an awesome Christmas if you’re celebrating it, and that you find ways to get anxiety to a minimum if that’s something you are preparing for. Christmas is a time for celebration, so I hope you all have an amazing day when you get to it, and enjoy the festive lead up to it.

Until tomorrow,

Lui xx


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