Recharging Batteries|Day 21

Recharging Batteries|Day 21

Hey all!

Over the past week, now that I’ve compeltely finished school (forever!!!) I’ve been finally getting into working on my family farm. I’ve done work for my dad before, like in the October holidays, but now I am finally getting into working everyday. Whilst it can be exhausting at times, overall it is so rewarding, and I think that as much as school had its merits, leaving was the best decision I ever made 😉 (Not that it was my decision lol, it kind of somewhat finished).

However, in dedicating my time to working (not a whole day, but trying to get as many hours in as possible) I’ve realised my need to actually factor in time to socialise off the farm. I’m so used to see my friends everyday, that now I am truly noticing not speaking to them all the time. I love being around people, and I like to say it “charges my batteries”, i.e. I feel more energised by hanging out with (certain) people.

Given that I live an hour from Christchurch, and the majority live there, it can be a little tricky, and not altogether attractive for me to drive for an hour after working all day. But I’ve realised that effort must be made, and also I should probably encourage them to come to me more (haha). It’s easier for the friends more locally, because they can just pop in casually. Still, city friends, feel free to do that too 😉

Overall, I think that throughout life changes it’s important to bear in mind those that matter to you, and making time to keep in touch with, or catch up with, them. Friends can be magnificent, awesome people, and good friends will inspire you, encourage you, and support you to be your best self. Everyone teaches us something new, and that is honestly the best thing.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I would love to know what you do to catch up with your friends?

Until tomorrow,

Lui xx


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