The Importance of Me Time

The Importance of Me Time

Hey all!!

As ever, I love to throw a wee mental health/ positivity focussed post into the mix, and what with entering the world of semi-fulltime work, I thought the topic of “me time” is very apt!

So, without further preamble, here are my tips for maintaining good me-time:

-journals or diaries. They can be a bit daunting to keep up at first, but I think after a while you get into the habit of it, and you figure out how often works for you. It helps you keep a record of how far you’ve come, changed, and you can look back and realise your own strength to get through the tough, and achieve the challenging! Especially when you have anxiety, or panic attacks, watching your journey through a journal is pretty incredible, and I can say that as someone who has done just that!

– having time alone, whatever way that is (going out alone, staying home alone, watching TV alone, anything!) shows you how much value you have in yourself. You get time to get to know yourself, what you like, what you enjoy, and how you want to be in any given social setting.

-thought processing and debriefing. Basically, something like going for a walk by yourself, gives you time to be alone with your thoughts, and allows your brain to sort out everything in your head. All your stresses, but also your experiences, goals and ambitions. I do this whenever I try to figure out what I need to do at that point in my life. When I decided to do my gap year, and now as I pick my travel destinations, this process is and was imperative!

Having a break on your day to just be as yourself is so beneficial, and therapeutic. Our lives are busy, but giving ourselves thirty minutes to just process our day through can help your head out so much! It helps with sleep, concentration, and stress management, which is something we all need.

Recently, I purchased YouTuber Melanie Murphy’s “Me Time” health journal, and her first book “Fully Functioning Human (Almost)” and they are both amazing resources to have. (I’ll talk more about them in another post!!).

What tips do you have? What do you do for your “Me Time”? How do you unwind? I’d love to hear in the comments!!

Until next time,

Lui xx


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