And The First is Away!!

And The First is Away!!

Well lads, it’s official. The first of the gap year batch has spread their wings and woken up in dear old Blighty aka Great Britain. That’s right, she’s off driving from Dublin to Derry, and dancing her away around northern Ireland. It’s fantastically exciting, and though I’d been privvy to her impending departure far longer than the rest of the gang, it still came as a mighty shock when I realised that when she said she would be back in six months that means six months. Dear gosh, now that’s astounding. I can’t even picture six months. Six months I was still in bloody school!!!

And that’s not the end of it. In April another, my German exchange bestie in fact, is jetting off to the USA for three months, (three months!!!), and the other of the four member gap year gang is leaving, to my knowledge, in May!! Heavens.

Then, until perhaps August or September even, it’ll just be me and my Bestie, whom I adore, but who has taken it upon herself to seek higher education. I know! The nerve to pursue a degree. (Note: I’m as proud as can be of her, I’m just hella sarcastic when I get in the rhythm of writing). And between me driving tractors and her writing essays…

It’s so very strange that only mere months ago we were seeing each other day in, day out, we couldn’t get away from each other (much love gang, much love) much less spend even six periods of school apart, let alone six months!! But how did we go from that normal, to this normal?

“Oh yeah so-and-so can’t make it because she’s in Vietnam.” Like, what??? “I might miss your party because I’m in Derry.” Pardon? And worst: “I have to do uni work this week, sorry.”

We’re at the point where it took one of us leaving to actually bring us together, and Vietnam girl couldn’t even make it! Yet, I must say that because of the lengthy times between catch ups, I can’t get enough of them when I do see them. We did an escape room, and I have to admit I was using the excuse of being scared to hug the heck out of everyone. “Hug me I’m sooo scared!!” Trust me it wasn’t that scary. Well, it was a little but not to merit the amount of hugs I was giving.

I guess this is part of the growing up process. Learning to make time when suddenly fate and timetables aren’t throwing you together. It’s trickier, but it also means we get to do so much cool stuff together, and really appreciate the times together.

Lads I guess what I need to say is, for once, well not once but this time, I need your advice. What do you do to make time? How do you organise your group into actually catching up, especially the ones on a very limited budget? I need your advice please and thanks. I can’t be the only one wondering about this part of adulting.

Until next time,

Lui xx

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