Meet The “Lads”

Meet The “Lads”

So guys, it’s probably about time you meet the lads. The laddies. The official squad. My friends.

When I say meet, I don’t mean shake their hand and say your name (slightly unfeasible but I admire your entrepreneurial attitude), no I mean it’s probably time I introduced them formally (via succinct and classifying nicknames) on my blog, seeing as they are rather important to me. Yet, I am remaining true, for now, to keeping them relatively anonymous, and so the answer must lie in creative and meaningful nicknames. πŸ˜‰

We’re a mishmashed group , mostly stemming from our mutual former high school, but as time goes on we bring brothers, mothers, and random other friends to the mix.

Bestest Friend/Best Friend / Uni Friend/ Anju

You lot know Anju, my sassy Bestie (I use that term ironically, but almost too frequently to remain solely ironic) whom I’ve been friends with since a fateful day in year nine music 2014.

The Girl From Norway (who has also never been to Norway) / TGFN/ Exchange Bestie

This girl will end up published and on bookshelves soon enough, so I’m just nabbing up the knowledge of her presence NOW before she’s super famous.

Miss Ireland

She has the most Irish name ever, and despite being only a ΒΌ Irish (I think) puts up with me frequently referring to her as “The Irish One.” (Thanks love!) And is also my future travel buddy 😊😊

Miss Vietnam

Also not at all Vietnamese, but as far as I know is going to Vietnam as the first of her many exciting destinations this year!! (Will later be Miss Budapest, but that’s a while away yet).

That Photography Friend

What else can I say? The one friend you can rely on to either a) bring her super duper camera to things or b) feel cheated she didn’t bring her super duper camera to something. (Also my fellow shorty)

Mega Awesome

Known this one the longest, much respect and esteem for this girl, and very lucky she appreciates all my strange but exciting vegetable puns/memes.

The Brother/ Charlie

I mean, you know he’s my brother, and he’s called Charlie. Top notch secret code name πŸ‘

And there you have it, a very concise list of some of my friends (please don’t feel left out other friends!!). Now we finally have a resource for me to check my code names for friends from… And I am just realising now that in a year I’ll (hopefully) have more names to add!! πŸ’•

Until next time,

Lui xx


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