The Avocado Scrunchie Phase

The Avocado Scrunchie Phase

Well lads you must know by now that I am NOTORIOUS for mildly misleading, albeit quirky, titles for my 2019 blog posts, but such is my brain, my disposition, and my manner. My brain just muddles like that.

However, to return back to the task at hand (or rather the title at hand) recently a new phase of life (in my admittedly short, so far, life) and that is my first off-farm, semi-full-time (casual) employment phase. Yes lads, this blogger is in fact employed!!

And where, you might ask? (Given my only references were my dad and my piano teacher (thank God for her!!).) Well… I’m a bloody lifeguard!! And I love it.

Despite my initial terror of actually being put in charge of, well, lives, I’ve now realised that it isn’t that scary (still a bit) and that doing 8 hours of it (with breaks obviously) is actually really rather fun. I get to chat to other lifeguards, learn all the tricks of the trade, and see a new side to my local pool. Plus, since I work for the council (what??) I’m not allowed to influence your vote in our local election (strange, but true). (It’s my new favourite thing to tell people).

So where does the “avocado scrunchie phase” name come from? Well I decided to be très cool, and wear my rather funky avocado scrunchie to work, which on any grown human would look chic. On me, paired with my sheep print socks, short hair, and sweet excitable nature, has made me dubbed “the one everyone thinks is cute.” And not in a desirable way. An adorable way. Yay.

(Also if you would like any information on the rather lovely scrunchie check out my Instagram! Not a brand-deal, just supporting an awesome business). 🥑

So, here’s to me being the baby of the group, and very gladly employed!!

Lui xx

PS. Would love to hear your thoughts about finding jobs straight out of school. Did you find it easy or hard? And ever been a lifeguard? Would live to hear your stories!! 💕


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