How About This…?

How About This…?

I know it’s strange, but try this on for size: I’ve not been uploading to my blog for a while not because a) I’m depressed, or b) I’ve moved on to something else. It’s actually because, very simply, I’ve been so busy enjoying my gap year life I haven’t been prioritising my time to get posts written on here. I’ve still had the moments of intense inspiration, or quickly typing out blog post ideas, but then I’d go off to work, or be planning my travels, or just casually be in India (yes, I know, I’m “flexing”), and I’m sorry to say that this got put on the back foot. But lads, confession, this place still matters to me. This place is still mine, and I don’t intend to ditch it.

Admittedly I have been trying to cut down on my social media usage (good luck) and part of that has meant backing off a bit from my computer (that and my computer sucks). I managed to uninstall Instagram for a week, and honestly felt A LOT more aware of how bloody addicted I am to it!

The thing is, life has been going fantastically. Unlike in the past where I have taken time away from here to get my brain back in order, or in fact have come here to talk about the crap I’ve had to make my brain process (this isn’t a woe is me moment, just stating it as it is) I’ve actually been terrifically busy enjoying getting into a rhythm of work-travel-life-friends balance that I had no clue I’d get a year ago. If myself from a year ago could see how my gap year is going now, she wouldn’t have hesitated so much in doing it!!!

So no, not struggling, not unhappy (thank gosh), but in fact busy, and having fun. But super keen to get back into blogging, because this platform has been mine for three years now – which is mental!! So thank you, if you stuck around, if you’re reading this, if you’re one of my offline mates reading this because for some reason you found it (cheers!). Merci, danke, thank you.

Anyway, short post over, get ready for more, and next time not a bloody explanation post!! (We don’t need constant reminders that I havent “quit” haha).

Until next time,

Lui xx



  1. August 23, 2019 / 5:38 am

    Nice to hear from you! I’ve also been super busy this year and was unable to post to my blog as well. Hopefully I’ll get back to posting in the future though, have fun with your social media break!

  2. luimaria
    August 23, 2019 / 8:24 am

    Thank you!! I think a break is always a good idea, intentional or unintentional. After all it is your space on the internet 😊😊 looking forward to seeing what you do post in the future!! 💕

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