The End of A Decade… And What We’ve Achieved

The End of A Decade… And What We’ve Achieved

I started this blog in July 2016 when I was going through, what I realise now, was one of the harder years of my high school experience. This blog helped me find a creative outlet where rather than discuss my problems (which thank goodness I didn’t do, given I got falsely accused of doing that by a rather peculiar person the following year (g’day if you’re reading!)) I used it as a place to delve into an area I was, and am, infinitely fascinated by. My continued dedication to this blog was fuelled by a need that my offline life couldn’t fulfill.

I’ve taken a good long while off this blog, with zero explanation to you all, but to be fair I’m confident anyone reading this knows me in real life anyway, and knows I am thriving. Not just surviving, or merely getting by, but in fact living a life I am, for the most part, enjoying.

In 2017 I went on to deal with many more challenges that almost surpassed that of the previous year, but the rewards of that year, and the learning I did that year are what I am proud to say I shared. My content became more personal, more vulnerable, and I loved it.

I’ll be honest in saying this year I felt I lost my voice. With so many other accounts becoming so commercialised I felt a bit inferior with my zero monetisation and zero brand deals or any kind of PR. Absolutely no money has ever transpired of this blog, which I now see as a blessing. This isn’t a place I consider a job. It’s something I don’t want to feel obligation to, unless that obligation is to remain as authentic and real as I can. This is a place I want to come to, not have to.

I think fifteen year old me, who nervously typed in the first words of that debut blog post in mid July 2016, would be surprised, and I hope impressed, to see how far I’ve come. My gap year this year has been undeniably the most rewarding and enriching year of my life. And this renewed vigour for walking the path I truly believe is my own has meant I have gladly accepted a place studying journalism and broadcasting in 2020!! I know that me a year ago receiving the same news wasn’t ready or prepared to go into study straight out of high school, and I can say with 100% certainty I made the correct decision. I can’t imagine not knowing the people I’ve met this year, whether through work or travel, and the amazing friendships I’ve maintained.

Guys, here’s to a new chapter. A new decade where we decide what it’ll be known for. The roaring 20s? Lads, it’s ours. And I’m so excited to return to this blog as a journalism student, a solo traveller, a human trying to get the best of life.

That’s my 2010’s blogging story in the smallest nutshell you’ve ever seen, but if you’re prepared, I’d loved to share more with you. 😉

Until next time,

Luisa xx


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